Make. Music. Memorable.
Vladislav Mikhalchuk was born on the 28th of March 1996 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In the family of Vladislav, there were no professional musicians, but all the relatives were fond of music and that was what brought him to the P. Serebryakov Children's Art School at the age of 5. His desire to devote his life to music and become a professional pianist came at 11 years old when he heard one of the records of the legendary American pianist Van Cliburn. His parents supported him in this and in 2010 Vladislav entered the Secondary Special Music School at the St. Petersburg Conservatory to the class of Vladimir Suslov, the winner of the All-Russian competition "The Best Teacher of Children's Art School" (2010). The first piano teacher was Natalia Kuznetsova, with whom Vladislav was studying up to grade 7. For the first time, he publicly appeared at the Sheremetevsky Palace at the age of 8 at the school's annual concert, and all subsequent years led an active concert life. At present Vladislav is continuing his studies at the Royal Academy of Music, in London.